Melina: Mid-Century Design

Reinterpreting  classic  mid-century  modern  design  elements,  the  Melina  collection  is  characterized  by  beautifully  defined  lines,  organic  curves  and  an  enduring  appreciation  for  mixed  materials  that  appeals  to  the  senses. 

In  step  with  the  trending  commercial-residential  crossover,  Melina’s angular form is softened by tailored upholstery – making it at home in today’s contemporary, yet relaxed environments.

The guest chair offers endless versatility, with base options that include a 4-leg model available in wood or  metal,  a  high  profile  wood  swivel  and  a  lower  profile  metal  swivel.  A  built-in  self-return  lends  a  functional touch to swivel models and further adds to their well-dressed appearance.  

Complementing  its  guest  seating  counterpart,  Melina  lounge  delivers  comfort  in  spades,  with  generous  proportions  and  a  choice  of  mid-   or  high  back  styles.  Its  welcoming  shape  envelopes  guests,  providing  just  the  right  amount  of  support  for  casual  meetings,  lengthy  study  sessions  or  moments  of  quiet  solitude.

Rounding  out  the  extensive  seating  collection  are  the  executive/conference  models,  which  are  also  available in mid-   or  high  back  styles  and  feature  shared  design  elements  to  ensure  a  sense  of  aesthetic  continuity throughout spaces. Intuitive controls allow for tension and overall tilt adjustment, while a sleek aluminum die-cast base – offered in neutral and colorful finishes – enhances the design with yet another refined touch.

As  an  accompaniment  to  seating  units,  Melina  tables  bring  people  together  with  flair  and  purpose.  The  slender  round  or  square  table  tops  are  available  in  wood  veneer,  laminate,  solid  surface  and  Starphire®  Glass,  with  edge  detailing  designed  to  complement  each  surface  material.  Pairing  nicely  with  the  light-scale  table  tops  are  the  slim  metal  column  and  base,  which  are  offered  in  the  same  neutral  and  vibrant  finishes  as  accompanying  seating  units.  A  diverse  array  of  sizes  and  heights  further  cater  to  the  collection’s flexibility, while optional power units supply all the resources to plug in and get down to work.

The Melina  series  represents  the  third  licensing  collaboration  between  Encore  and  Wiesner  Hager,  strengthening  a  partnership  that  continues  to  deliver  innovative  design  solutions  to  meet  market  demand.  “With  the  launch  of  Melina,  Encore  is  capturing  a  unique  moment  in  the  world  of  interiors  in  which the lines between the contract and residential environments are increasingly blurring,” says David Logsdon,  Director  of  Sales  for  Encore.  “With  its  well-crafted  details,  mixed  materials  and  refined,  yet  relaxed aesthetic, this new collection is at once beautiful and purposeful, and is sure to be a focal point in any setting.

”Melina  is  available  now  and  is  currently  on  display  in  Encore’s  permanent  showroom  in  Chicago’s  Merchandise Mart.